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Can I Jump In the Puddles, Dad?

January 13, 2011

Today I had the pleasure of walking my daughter home from pre-school. Some days we drive home, but walking is much more interesting when going anywhere with a three year old. Actually, everything is.

When it was time to go, we took a few minutes to put on her boots, her winter coat, gloves and hat. Out of the classroom we walked towards the stairs. You’d think that we just walked up the stairs – not at all. When a three year old walks up stairs, they do it with class. So as we walk up the stairs, each step is a little different than the other. Sometimes we skip a step, sometimes we skip two – when you’re exploring, adventures are everywhere, even on a staircase.

When we finally made it past the staircase to walk outside the doors of the school, we found the ultimate adventure: a puddle. It had just snowed the previous night, creating many puddles for three year olds by early afternoon.

“Abbah, can I jump in the puddle?” Of course! With boots on her feet and the spirit of a three year old, puddles are to be jumped in at all costs. While studies have shown that most adults avoid puddles, toddlers do the opposite. They jump, they splash, they look into and even study puddles. Not one and not two, but almost every puddle we came across was explored and enjoyed.

While adults could have accomplished this feat in a few minutes, it took a toddler ten. While it is true that toddlers have smaller legs, the real reason they take more time is because of their huge spirits. The spirit to notice puddles and stairs. To jump in a muddy puddle and enjoy a simple staircase. Life is much more enjoyable when you notice the many things to enjoy.

1st life lesson of a toddler: the journey is the destination; so jump in puddles.